Kiss me

It occurred to me yesterday that my first kiss was in the library, among the stacks. For so long I’ve always focused on who I kissed – which is so completely irrelevant 30+ years later – that it didn’t occur to me to realize how appropriate it was that my first kiss was surrounded by … More Kiss me

And yet…

Sometimes I feel as if a part of me always stands outside the circle, outside the window looking in.  Not jealous, not angry, occasionally longing, but always watching even if I’m in the thick of it.  Stepping aside for younger siblings, for family, for friends, for those who need the limelight more than I, who are more … More And yet…


Yesterday was the five year dating anniversary for Baldie & I.  Wednesday we will have been engaged for a year.  Friday was the five year anniversary of my sister getting rushed to the hospital – the beginning of a harrowing decent into the world of Crohn’s disease. My sister is in remission now, and Baldie … More August

My husband won’t let me – echoes of a first marriage

A friend of mine wrote on Facebook today that “The words “My husband won’t let me” will never be uttered from my mouth ever again. — feeling strong.”  Obviously she’s going through a divorce, and it’s a long road back from that type of brain washing.  Of course I’ve been there, and even 8 years … More My husband won’t let me – echoes of a first marriage